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Wild Grains is a micro-bakery specialising in sourdough bread from heritage grains. I bake small batches of handmade loaves, fermenting the bread slowly and using healthy ingredients that taste good and have a low impact on the environment.

When I set up Wild Grains at the end of 2019, my intention was to make small batches of sourdough bread for local businesses on the weekend, whilst carrying on my full-time job. However, when the global pandemic hit, I started receiving more orders from friends and neighbours for loaves of bread. This quickly grew and by the end of July, I was baking full-time and delivering over 100 loaves a week to local people and businesses.  

The best thing about the whole experience has been seeing the joy that a fresh loaf of bread has brought to people, especially during those long months of lockdown. The positive feedback and support I have received have been amazing. It's been so rewarding to give something positive to the community. 

The bakery is now at full capacity, but to survive it has to grow. Wild Grains needs a bigger space and new equipment, otherwise, I will have to stop trading by the end of September. We have found a few suitable spaces in the Blackhorse Road area but still need investment. As such, I am launching a small crowd-funding campaign within the next few weeks, with the hope that I can continue to see Wild Grains grow and keep delivering sustainably sourced, heritage grain sourdough to our community. 

About Jon the Baker

Baking sourdough bread began as a hobby in 2016 but quickly got out of hand as I became obsessed. Over the past four years, I've worked in professional bakeries for free, gone on intensive courses and sought out and tested as much sourdough baking knowledge as I could find. What keeps it interesting is always the challenge of trying to make a better loaf. Unlike other types of baking, sourdough is unpredictable and extremely sensitive to conditions. I often feel like making a good loaf of bread is like sailing a ship across perilous waters, gently guiding it back in the right direction when it goes off course. 

What's Next for Wild Grains

The longterm dream is for Wild Grains to open a cafe/bakery where people can come in and pick up a loaf of bread, a pastry or a coffee or stop by for breakfast or lunch. 

In the meantime, I just want to be able to keep going, delivering bread to more homes and local independent businesses within the community. I want to continue expanding my output, as well as the menu, bringing new bread, pastry and viennoiserie products to my customers and local businesses. 

What we will do with extra funding

Funding would help me to purchase new equipment, including a bigger oven, fridges, a larger mixer and maybe a bicycle delivery vehicle that can carry more bread. It may also help to cover the rent of the new space in the first few months as we look to grow.

What Wild Grains Stands For 

Wild Grains believes in three things: being good to the planet, the body and the soul.

The Planet

I try to incorporate ingredients which come from farms which grow crops that support biodiversity. Using flour that comes from rare grains promotes natural resilience and helps to sustain our ecosystem.

The Body

Each loaf of bread is made slowly using natural ingredients, there are no additives or preservatives. This makes it easier for the body to digest and absorb nutrients and minerals present.

The Soul

Wild Grains is about being part of the community, providing people with food that makes them feel good and puts a smile on their face.

Please Support Us

If you are interested in supporting our crowdfunding campaign then please visit the crowdfunder page! 

Visit Crowdfunder Page